Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the pains of being pure at heart

My buddy recommended this bunch to me. It's rare that a band this good comes around, honestly. They're all on the same page with what their sound is. They don't seem to mind hanging out all on the same note. Cute short guitar solo's here and there, with a mild fuzzing buzz to anoint them a serious toned pop band. The vocals are a talk style but its very cool. I feel like they are the sounds of Joy Division's runoffs married to The Cure's chorus styled guitars. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is another amazing band from New York. They could easily tour with Black Kids, Depeche Mode and the Cure. WIll they? They're already among best new bands of 2009.

If you like: Slow Dive, My Bloody Valentine, Eluvium, The Cure, New Order


Monday, April 6, 2009

The Whiskees

Tipsy and crunk.
The Whiskees are an Indie-pyschedelic-rock band playing and partying in San Diego. Consisting of 4 members. The Whiskees was formed by playing at a friends warehouse, were not serious at first, and then decided as a whole it was time to get down to business.
The boys all tie down their playing roots to the counter culture bands genius sounds of the late 60's and early 70's. While keeping modern aggressive sounds of dance-punk in the back of their heads, as well as the post-punk movement in the early 2000's.
"The freedom to do so much in that genre, saxaphones, keys, looping all over your face...exciting stuff," said Carlos.
"Bee Di Bop" features fearless dance rock vocals, that shout and pant in rivets, reminescent to The Hives front man Pelle Almqvist. An arsenal of twangy guitars suggest twist and turns should be done by audiences. Bass and Drums hook up to create an explosive dance rock anthem.
Controversial song titles allures fans as "Momma Dont Like White Girls" tells a story of what its like to be an American-Mexican with a white girlfriend. Story telling reminiscent to the legendary front man of Sublime, Bradley Nowell. Surrounded with single string plucking, with a surf-punk vibe, its formidable that the British guitar sound be used in San Diego based garage band.
"You don't appreciate it until you leave. I moved up to Temecula a few years ago and it sucked," said Bryan about San Diego.
Currently the group is putting together a press kit, as they continue to play gigs around San Diego.
"We've only played at the Kava Lounge," admitted Bryan. "Which has to be one of San Diego's best kept secrets. It's got an awesome vibe, with really cool folks and it's inexpensive."
The Whiskees are in the planning stages of recording a strong 4 song demo, and have art that will eventually go on as t-shirts.
"Also, maybe some Whiskee socks if you rsvp," joked Pablo.
The Whiskees can be aggresively raw, but still maintain their swagger. As to their sound pertaining, dance punk fiends and hipsters alike will have their earphones trippin' the light fantastic.

If you like. Tijuana Panthers, Japanese Motors, Abe Vigoda, The Soft Pack

You'll dig.

I can see these guys on Art Fag Recordings, and Vice Records, cause they're fuckin' hip.


Monday, March 9, 2009

little joy

This album entitled "Little Joy" by Little Joy is truly a remarkable one. I received the vinyl as a Valentines Day gift. It's a rare gem amongst all the new modern day effects that bands use these days. Little Joy takes it back to the back in the day sound with clean, and acoustic guitars, organ, falsettos harmonizing and surf sounds. Members, Fabrizio Moretti, Binki Shapiro and Rodrigo Amarante co wrote the whole album. Noah Georgeson was the albums producer, and also play's along with Little Joy, as does Devendra Banhart. Rodrigo Amarante is from Los Hermanos, a band of South

Be aware, this album contains sunny, tropical, and midnight romance sounds.

"Little Joy"

1. The Next Time Around
2. Brand New Start
3. Play The Part
4. No One's Better Sake
5. Unattainable
6. Shoulder To Shoulder
7. With Strangers
8. Keep Me In Mind
9. How To Hang A Warhol
10. Don't Watch Me Dancing
11. Evaporar


Monday, March 2, 2009


Belaire has been caught been sexual and fun on their tour of the latter 2008 til present day gigs. Includes a west coast tour where laptops were stolen, fuck thieves, and a Rhapsody/Rollingstone.com gig where vids were recorded of them. The group is from Texas. Austin, Texas. They are fun, synthy, bossa nova-e, and garagey. They could easily tour with the likes of Of Montreal, Los Campesinos!, Tokyo Police Club and No Doubt.

Belaire is Cari Palazzolo. Jason Chronis, Christine Aprile, Danny Reisch, Eli Welbourne. They are currently recording the follow up to their awesome album, Exploding Impacting released on Indierect Records. Tons of color, tons of keyboards, Fantasia (dizney classick) like break downs. What really is intriguing about Belaire is their DIY approach the music industry. DIY vids, DIY fans. The west coast is lookin up.

Belaire from hector esqueda on Vimeo.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Railcars Cities Vs Submarines EP

A1 - There Is Ice; It Is Blue
A2 - Saints Are Waiting For Me, Outside My Door
B1 - Concrete Buildings
B2 - Through The Trees Lay Smokestacks
B3 - Bohemia Is Without A Sea

Railcars is from San Francisco, California and created by Aria Jalali. The EP is drenched with crunchy percussion, flangered/distorted/clean/reverbed guitar, and 'fucked smashed' keyboards. Every so often the glockenspiel is invited to accompany gorgeously happy melodies. Cities Vs Submarines is fucking ace. Aria Jalali and Railcars is the Michel Gondry of Noise-Pop. DI MOTHA FUCKIN' Y Yallz.

The EP is available on a 7" through Gold Robot Records

check this vid from SPIN earth

Watch more at www.spinearth.tv

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

guitar hero vs rock band

thing is... I don't hear any GUITAR for this ad. so, I'm going to buy Rockband instead.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Indie Kids Should Know The Smiths!

Today in my college newspaper class, I saw some cool looking band on a staff writers laptop as a background. I asked genuinely and she responded "It's Morrisey!" then I hear a omg, you don't know the Smiths and you're dressed like an INDIE KID! 
You see folks, it's not that I'm offended. It's that I don't care about the Smiths. 
I'd rather listen to the cure or velvet underground. 
I'm so indie I'm going to download the smiths greatest hits album.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ralph Nader 2008

Ralph Nader, caught being sexual.The media wont let there be a 3rd party debate. Ralph Nader says it's not fair, and quite frankly it's not. Sorry youth, were doomed to tie down between corporations and states.


As a kid in elementary I was very unsexual. I remember learning how to type in the library of Oliver Hazard Perry elementary, or Perry for short, in the 3rd grade. I am now 20.

I sucked, everyone sucked, except for my homeboy Justin Jose. Justin was a speed demon (freak) on the keyboard, he was quick and was always finished on our little Macintosh's.

Our librarian/computer teacher was a tall, slender, African-American man named Mr. Williams. He typically wore creamy colors, usually khaki, with a New Yorken style of a trench coat. I think it was because we were going through El Nino in San Diego at the time. It actually rained alot.

Mr. Williams taught me how to type "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs". Therefore using every letter on the keyboard.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Daysleeper has covered the song "Paper Planes" by MIA in a much more sexual manner. It's intimate and humorous with a lo-fi twist.

Purchase their self-titled six song e.p.
A new millennial take to 90's fuzz bands with hopeful hooks, sprayed reverb distortion, and dreamy vocals.


1. Slowdown
2. Tiny Earthquakes
3. Jane
4. Canon Ball
5. Day Sleeper